Who am I?

Name: Tom Boldero

Age: 30

Height: 185cm

Weight: 88kg

Interests: Martial Arts, Movies, Video Games & Family Time with Wife and 2 sons.


Why did I start learning Martial Arts?

I have had a keen interest in martial arts since I was very young. My uncle has been a martial arts and self protection instructor since before I was born. For as long as I can remember he would take every opportunity to demonstrate his comprehensive range of kicks, punches, throws and patterns. Combine this with a treasure trove of old martial arts movies that my cousin and I would stay up and watch (until much later than we were supposed to) watching titles we certainly weren't supposed to be watching!(Bloodsport, Kickboxer, enter the dragon to name a few)... I was hooked. I naturally began training with my uncle as soon as I was old enough. My desire continued to grow.

As I grew in to an adult life became busier and busier for me and martial arts unfortunately took a back seat for a number of years. I moved from my parents home in Norfolk with my newly qualified staff nurse girlfriend and we moved to St Neots to begin our life together. 5 Years, 1 marriage, an incredible honeymoon and 2 beautiful baby boys later - and a fair few additional lbs - I was in desperate need of an activity that didn't involve sitting on my backside. Martial Arts again began my calling.


I half heartedly looked in to schools which taught the same system as I had previously learned but was secretly wishing for a new challenge. In the years since I started martial arts MMA had grown immensely in popularity and the practitioners of the sport are considered some of the toughest and fittest athletes in the world - surly this could get me back in to shape! After months of training MMA with Adam at CODE the appeal to continue to challenge myself and the re-ignition of my love for the traditional martial arts - seeing Adam and the Taekwon-do guys and gals do their thing - I extended my training sessions to include TKD. Which brings me to my newest challenge as assistant instructor to the Little Winners! This role is the one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. It has taken my passion for martial arts to the next level and beyond - being able to pass on skills that I have learned completes the circle and gives all the hours, weeks and years of work, sweat (and a few hard knocks) real purpose.


I love martial arts and will likely spend the rest of my life helping others achieve the same sense of accomplishment I feel every time I tie my belt.


Martial Arts studied:

Sanshou (1994-2004) orange belt

Tai Chi (1994-2004)

Freestyle Kickboxing (2015-2016)

CODE MMA (2016-Present) Level 7

ITF Taekwon-Do (2016-Present) 1st degree black belt

Tournament bio & awards:

December 2019 CCAA Competitor of the Year

Oct 2019 LTSI TKD English Opens Sparring silver

Sept 2019 CODE Combat Arts Open  back to back Ju Jitsu gold

Sept 2019 CODE Combat Arts Open kick boxing gold

May 2019 CODE Combat Arts Open Back to back Ju Jitsu silver

May 2019 CODE Combat Arts Open Sub Wrestling bronze

February 2019 WFMC British Championships MMA silver

February 2019 WFMC British Championships Sub Wrestling silver

December 2018 CCAA Instructor of the Year

November 2018 UKTA UK Open Patterns Silver

November 2018 UKTA UK Open Sparring Bronze

November 2018 UKTA UK Open Destruction Gold

March 2018 LTSI  TKD South East Open Patterns silver

March 2018 LTSI TKD South East Opens Sparring silver

March 2018 LTSI TKD South East Open Destruction gold

May 2018 UKMAA grappling Open silver

December 2017 CCAA Ambassador award

Sept 2017 CODE Taekwondo Open point sparring silver

Sept 2017 CODE Taekwondo Open continuous sparring gold

Sept 2017 CODE Taekwondo Open patterns gold

Sept 2017 CODE Taekwondo Open special technique gold

Sept 2016 IMASA Grappling Open Bronze (absolute)