The evolution of martial arts has given rise to hybrid styles that seek to combine the best of several arts to give the student knowledge in all ranges of combat. Traditional styles would often concentrate on certain elements of combat: Karate, Taekwon-Do or Muay Thai would concentrate on standing combat. Jiu Jitsu and Judo would concentrate on a closer range of taking down and submission. Mixed Martial Arts use elements from a selection of these to enable a skill set to be used in competition that is arguably the most exciting, comprehensive and diverse combat sport on the planet today.

CODE MMA works alongside Zen Kenpo Ju Jitsu and Zen Kenpo Karate allowing our members access to more instructors who are skilled in ju jitsu, judo and striking.

All classes are run by PROFESSIONAL and QUALIFIED instructors in a FRIENDLY and NON INTIMIDATING environment.

(We adhere to an ego-free policy)


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CODE Combat Arts was founded in September 2013 by Adam Gold as a school which strives to offer a diverse and comprehensive range of styles to those looking to study self protection which are practical, challenging and is built on an ethos of making life safer, healthier and more positive.


After rigorously studying traditional martial arts for 17 years Adam started looking into arts which had different ranges and techniques than those which he has studied previously. After a relatively short period of time Adam realised the benefits of cross training for any martial artist: whether stronger as a stand up, close range or ground stylist, it would ultimately benefit all of those involved in combat arts to at least understand the basics of those other ranges. Adam is still working to expand his knowledge in all ranges and will continue to do so for as long as he practices martial arts.


The CODE MMA syllabus was not designed to be a new martial art that professes to be better than the rest. It isn't. It was originally designed as a framework to keep someone on their feet and have a basic understanding of take downs and ground work. Over time the style has evolved considerably to concentrate more on MMA as a sport. Our syllabus therefore became more diverse and well rounded to include a comprehensive ground work syllabus to ensure that our members are comfortable on the ground. In 2018 we partnered with Zen Kenpo Ju Jitsu which has enabled us to continue to offer a style that is better suited to real life so that CODE MMA members can continue to grow on the MMA and grappling circuit.


CODE MMA provides concepts for the student based on experience and study and an environment to pressure test techniques in whichever ways the student is comfortable.


There are currently CODE MMA classes in Eynesbury/ St Neots and there are more planned for the future.

CODE TAEKWON-DO is currently in Eynesbury/ St Neots and Brampton for adults and children to attend.


Adam looks forward to welcoming you to the school  and working with you.